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The Benefits of Play in Dog Daycares

A dog daycare is a place where pet owners can drop off their beloved friends for part of the day or most of the day, just like a traditional daycare for kids. The dog daycare goes beyond dog walking by taking care of the dog and allowing the dog to roam and play without being confined to a leash. Th...

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How to choose the right dog kennel for your dog

It can be quite daunting choosing the right kennel for your dog. Not only do you need to feel comfortable leaving your dog there but your dog also needs to feel comfortable. While it sounds logical, it’s not always easy on the execution. So how does one go about finding the right dog boarding faci...

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Kennel Cough – A Brief Overview

So the question is what is kennel cough and how is it transmitted? Does a dog only get it in a kennel or can it passed on the street? What about in an elevator? While dog walking? But my dog has the vaccination – how did he get it? Can my dog get it again? Why does my vet say it’s not necessary?...

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