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Does your dog want to play in the best dog daycare in Toronto

Here at Paws Playgrounds in downtown Toronto, we believe that every day should be an adventure for your dog! That’s why our 10,000 square foot dog daycare and dog boarding facility features a huge outdoor playground, complete with tunnels, slides, and even a splash pool! Your dog can play and explore all day, while making new canine friends of all shapes and sizes. For those lovely frosty winter days, we also have a large climate controlled indoors with rubberized mats and agility playsets! After all of that playing, your pup can cuddle up with their new friends on one of our many super comfy couches or orthopedic beds for a well deserved rest. And you can rest assured that your dog has enjoyed a fantastic day, playing in a fun and safe environment while you had to be away.

If your dog prefers a more laid back experience, our indoor daycare room offers plenty of squeaky toys and balls to chase after, several cozy beds for lounging, and all of the staff snuggles a dog could ever dream of! Many of our smaller pups and senior dogs find our indoor dog daycare room the perfect spot to romp the day away at their own leisurely pace.

Both the indoor and outdoor dog daycare and playground areas are climate controlled for your pup’s ultimate comfort, and are fully monitored by our trained staff members at all times. Our goal is to ensure that every dog is happy and engaged all day long, so that when it comes time to go home, your best friend is calm, well behaved, and ready to snuggle with you all night long!

Dog daycare Toronto can make a world of difference for both you and your pet. If you are struggling with a dog who is bored, destructive, overweight, in need of some extra socialization or suffering from separation anxiety, we can help!

What does a dog do all day in a dog daycare?

Your dog will run and play to his heart’s content! He will play with his daycare friends, splash in the pool, slide down the slide, jump through agility playsets, and climb on the jungle gyms! When that’s enough, he can climb up on the many sofas or curl up on a Daycare Attendants lap for some cuddles and quiet time.

Do you take them for walks?

No, we don’t take them off the premises as we can not control the environment outside our dog daycare facility. But rest assured, the amount of exercise your dog gets from running and playing is far above a regular walk. Your dog will be tired when he gets home!

Is there an outdoor area? Indoor area?

Oh yes! Our dog daycare has the largest outdoor playground space in Toronto! We have over a 1/4 of an acre for the pups to run and play all day – splash pools, agility sets, jungle gyms – all for the happiness of your pup! And yes, we have an indoor dog daycare for those lovely Toronto winter days that is climate controlled.

My dog eats lunch. Can he have lunch at doggie daycare?

Yes, absolutely, and rest assured that every dog eats separately so no other dog will eat his food. Each dog is then given roughly 45 mins to an hour to eat to ensure they digest the food properly. If a dog goes out to play too quickly after eating, it’s possible that they could throw it up or worse, stomach bloat which may require surgery.

I have a small dog. Is a dog daycare the right place for him?

We have a separate small dog daycare for those little ones who are anxious or frightened of the bigger doggies. It’s a fun environment with toys, bones and a sofa and where one doesn’t need to be worried about getting trampled on.

Is your dog ready to play in the largest dog daycare in Toronto?

Is your dog ready for a brand new adventure? Give us a call today at 416.461.4788 or bark at us by email ( to get started!

Dog Daycare rates: $40 per Full Day Play
Full Day Daycare Package: $720 for 20 adventures (no expiration)

Dog Daycare rates: $25 per Half Day Play
Half Day Daycare Package: $450 for 20 adventures (no expiration)

Dog Daycare rates: $20 per 3 Hr Play
Full Day Daycare Package: $360 for 20 adventures (no expiration)

Taxi rates: $5 for pick up and drop off
Taxi Package: $90 for 20 days