Our energetic featured breed this week is the rough and tumble Jack Russell Terrier! This little guy is the epitome

We all know how important it is to keep our own ears clean to prevent things like infections or hearing

Meet our cute and affectionate featured breed of the week, the English Toy Spaniel. This breed loves spending time playing

If you’ve ever owned a large breed dog, you’re probably familiar with how common it is for large dogs to

[caption id="attachment_504" align="alignnone" width="300"] Russian borzoi, greyhound dog standing. Outdoor shoot[/caption] The last couple of weeks we’ve enjoyed looking at

You may have noticed at a mall, restaurant, or just about any public place, a service dog helping his owner

The big, friendly Otterhound is our featured breed this week! This large and very hairy dog loves to spend every

If you’ve owned several dogs in your lifetime, chances are you’ve seen firsthand dog anxiety during a thunderstorm. It is

This week we are featuring a French dog breed, the Berger Picard. You may recognise this dog from the novel-based