Chris E

I have over 10,000 hours of daycare experience with thousands of dogs, worked in a vet clinic, was a pet-sitter, and am a Toronto Humane Society Canine Enrichment volunteer. I’ve been studying dogs for as long as I can remember and working with them for the past 20 years. Lucky me!!!

Sancia T.

I’ve loved and been around animals ever since I can remember, and I’ve always had
a very strong passion for their well-being. I grew up in Alberta, where I started
working with horses at a very young age as well as walking dogs. I realized just how
much I missed being around animals when I moved to Toronto; there are so many
wonderful opportunities, but I longed for the companionship and unconditional love
animals provide. Working at Paws Playground has helped me expand my knowledge
on different dog behaviors as well as basic dog care. During my time here I’ve
learned a lot about each individual dog’s personality and look forward to seeing
each unique one every day.

Michael M

I have a passion for all animals especially dogs as I enjoy quality time with dogs by playing and interacting with them. I also thoroughly enjoy discovering each dog’s unique personality and creating bonds with them -this is what makes my job so rewarding.

Ian B.

My journey with dogs started when as a newborn baby my mother put me on the floor to introduce me to the family Labrador Tara. After sniffing me for a minute Tara sat down beside me and when my mother went to pick me up Tara growled and wouldn’t let her, evidently I was now Tara’s baby. Since then I’ve enjoyed a very close bond with dogs and after years of working in the business world I decided to follow my passion. In 2014 I started working with dogs full time and travelled across Canada, The US, Central America and Ireland working and volunteering at daycares, rescues and animal shelters. I’m also studying Canine Massage Therapy and am continually aiming to improve my knowledge and expertise on all things dog.

Joyce W

“Having loved dogs since childhood, it was only natural that one day I would have them in her life on a regular basis. In 2005 on the recommendation of a friend, I began working taking private care of dogs, cats and bunnies in Los Angeles, learning much about their care and behaviour along the way. Some dogs went for simple walks, others, I hiked with daily but everyone always got lots of love and cuddles. After returning to Toronto, I began working at Paws Playgrounds in 2013, yet another different environment to interact with dogs. In this daycare environment, I learned even more about dog behaviour, as daycare can at times be a busy and dynamic setting. All dogs have their own personalities and getting to know them and love them while encouraging good behaviour so they can be their best dog-self is always my highest priority.”

Sarah W

I live in Toronto with my Fiancé and our two American Akitas, Sam and Scout. I am responsible for the pack during the day as well as taking photos of the dogs at play for Facebook and Instagram. My experience comes from a variety of jobs over the years working in multiple dog daycares and kennels in Toronto and Halifax where I learned much about basic dog care, behaviour and body language. My first opportunity to work with dogs was with a security company in downtown Toronto where I looked after their four patrol German Shepherds and three bomb detection Labs. During this time, I quickly learned that working with dogs was the career for me. I have worked with breeds of all shapes and sizes as well as all kinds of temperaments while assisting in behaviour modification, basic training and grooming. I have a special interest in canine nutrition and have taken a course in dog obedience training and hope to continue learning and growing from working with our dogs at Paws Playgrounds.