Assessment Form

  • Dog Information
  • Health Information
  • Behavioural Information
  • Authorization and Waiver of Liability

    I hereby authorize Paws Pet Care Services personnel to care for my dog for the above agreed period. I will be responsible for any additional charges levied by Paws Pet Care Services should I not collect my dog at the agreed date; including but not limited to, additional boarding, food and additional staffing costs.

    All pets boarded or otherwise cared for by Paws Pet Care Services without liability on our part for loss or damage from disease, death, running away, theft, fire, injury to persons, other pets, or property by said pet or other unavoidable causes, when due diligence and care having been exercised. If my pet becomes injured or ill, Paws Pet Care Services is hereby authorized to take my pet to the nearest animal care facility, and any or all expenses relating to said treatment shall be paid by myself or reimbursed to Paws Pet Care Services. If my pet, when presented for boarding, is found to have fleas or ticks, he/she will be bathed at my expense.

    Paws Pet Care Services agrees to exercise due and reasonable care and to keep the kennel premises sanitary and property enclosed. The pet is to be fed properly and regularly, and to be housed in clean, safe quarters.

    The pet is not to be taken off the premises except by the consent of the owner.

    If the pet is not called for within 10 days after time of agreed pick up, the pet will be placed for adoption with the proceeds going towards charges incurred from but not limited to boarding, grooming and additional staffing costs.

    I understand that to ensure the safety of person, canine, and public safety, Paws Pet Care Services has the right to refuse aggressive, unruly, and ill-tempered pets. Remedies available to Paws Pet Care Services and their staff in the event of aggressive, unruly, nipping and/or ill-tempered behaviour, include but are not limited to the use of muzzles or other restraints, temporary crating of my animal and in extreme cases the right to terminate any existing agreements.